Bosbok Safaris

About South Africa

South Africa is an independent country and forms part of the southern tip of the African continent. The South Africa the world knows today has changed, and has come a long way in doing so. The year 1994 has made its mark in history when prisoner of 27 years and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela walked through the ironclad bars to lead the country to greatness. A new era of democracy was inaugurated and South Africa revealed herself, unveiling freedom and unity. A rainbow nation indeed.

About Limpopo Province

Limpopo Province is the northern most of South Africa’s 11 provinces and shares borders with the world famous Kruger National Park. It is a land of beautiful and contrasting landscapes, which is typical of Africa, hence it has become a favourite destination for leisure and adventure travellers worldwide. Limpopo incorporates areas of infinite scenic beauty with a great diversity of natural and manmade attractions, rich cultural heritage and an abundance of wildlife and nature-based tourism opportunities.

Although some of our hunting takes place is other provinces, most is in Limpopo.

What we offer


Hunt Real Africa is our credo. We understand that to take part in an African hunting safari is for many, the realisation of a lifelong dream. Our primary aim is to make this dream as real and as authentic as is humanly possible. Everything else we do is a means towards that end - to add value to your hunting experience.


Bosbok Safaris is proudly associated with Something More Safaris.

During your stay with Bosbok Safaris in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to see your kind donation go to a good cause. We tend to concentrate on the youth of the country and in particular, educational needs. Please ask where your specific contribution will be most appreciated.

We support the Pfunenane Academy and in particular the Pre-Primary phase and Play School in the firm belief that Africa will benefit, only if the next generation produces well educated leaders with a clear vision and a sense of responsibility.