During your stay with Bosbok Safaris in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to see your kind donation go to a good cause. We tend to concentrate on the youth of the country and in particular, educational needs. Please ask where your specific contribution will be most appreciated.

We support amongst others, Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage, an eco-educational facility that exposes underpriveleged children from local communities to all ascpects of the wildlife and tourism industry,uplifting them with emotional support and empowerment through access to information and councelling. 

WHAT TO BRING is easier to ask what NOT to bring! There is so much need, and nothing goes unappreciated. Of course a monetary donation is always welcome, but here is a list of ideas:

Clothing in all sizes. Used clothing is absolutely fine.

Shoes, all sizes.

School materials. Educational posters also welcome.

Toiletries, especially for young girls.

Some candy.

Hair accessories.

Soccer balls (deflated) or any other sporting equipment.