When with the first rush of adrenaline your heart starts racing up the scales & when you are close enough to hear their hooves on the hard ground, you know that your dream is about to come true! What holds it all together? The glue of experience. At Bosbok Safaris your PH (Professional Hunter) & outfitter, Phil De Kock & his wife Kate brings many many years of experience to your hunt. While Phil has an intimate knowledge of the behavior and habits of every species in his environment, he also knows how to allow each hunter enough space to make the hunt his own. Visit our gallery to see the trophies taken over the last few seasons. Read the reviews of hunters who keep coming back & who have become close friends. Use our Trip Planner as the first step to make your dream come true.


When hunting with Bosbok Safaris you will experience a lot more than just a normal hunt. We at Bosbok Safaris will ensure that every aspect of your adventure is something you will remember and treasure for the rest of your life. We believe in the principles of fair chase and ethical hunting with an emphasis on sustainable utilization. All our hunting areas are extensive enough for the game species to excel in the sense that they can survive and breed independent of human intervention. We do not believe in the practice of “put and take”.

Please bear in mind that you and your hunting party will be the only ones allowed in any hunting area at a given time.

Through careful scientific management, the quality and quantity of the game available, will ensure you have the best opportunity at harvesting top quality trophies. This, and the fact that you will at all times be guided and assisted by competent, qualified and experienced professional hunters, trackers, and skinners, can only add to your chances at success.

It is important that you communicate closely and well in advance, with the company who will be assisting your with the rifle handling process. Be sure to read through the paperwork thoroughly.

IMPORTANT: The majority of the time you will be making use of shooting sticks. Please ensure that you practice shooting off a collapsible tripod or bipod, which you should bring along with you on the safari in order for you to use equipment with which you are familiar.


To experience a sucessful African bow hunt, you need to ascertain whether your professional hunter or outfitter has the necessary knowledge in the intricate art of bow hunting.

It is essential that blinds are well built and comfortable as well as strategically placed. Sufficient blinds should be present to ensure that a particular blind does not get over hunted, which results in animals avoiding that area or coming in at night.

The placement of the blinds should be such that all habitat types are covered which in turn allows the hunter the opportunity to take a variety of different species.Another important factor is that no rifle hunting should take place in the archery areas. This last point will obviously increase your prospects and give you a fair shot of harvesting the game you are after.