When hunting with Bosbok Safaris you
will experience a lot more than just a
normal hunt…

When fishing with Bosbok Safaris you
will experience a lot more than just a
normal fishing…

Bosbok Safaris is ideally situated to allow for tours to several of South African’s most famous destinations.


Bosbok Safaris in South Africa, offers everything the discerning hunter, fisherman or photography enthusiast is looking for in a safari; species diversity, a rewarding wildlife environment, personal and professional support, excellent accommodation with all amenities, attention to detail and much more. That is why our Return and Referral Index consistently stands at more than 80%. This means that the vast majority of our clients keep coming back for more….and more, bringing their friends and family with them too! We have been doing the show circuit in the USA for 17 years now, and know exactly what clients are looking for in a safari.

Owners of Bosbok Safaris, Phil de Kock and his wife Kate each have more than 30 years experience in the wildlife industry. Both are qualified wildlife biologists and offer a hands-on approach to every group that passes through our doors. Phil and Kate have for the past 17 years, been ably assisted by Stephalina Mnisi and Nelson Makhubela.

When numbers require, Phil recruits additional Professional Hunters and guides who bring a young energy and passion to add to the mix.
BOSBOK SAFARIS has a solid and hard-earned reputation of delivering outstanding all-round hunting, fishing and photographic opportunities as attested to by our client reviews and references. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can, without hesitation, turn to our clients as referrals. For those of you out there looking for the best first-time African Safari adventure and are now ready to commit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Resident Professional Hunter and Outfitter,
Phil de Kock and his wife Kate…

South Africa is an independent country
and forms part of the southern tip of the…


Our time in the USA

Stuck in Minneapolis! And below is the day before we left…


Hello to everyone reading this...friends old, new and…

Leopard in the garden

Some of you have been around in camp when we have heard the resident…


Jim and Susan Hetrick. Bloomfield. PA.
Phil’s approach to the hunt made this so much more than a ‘shoot’, but showed us the challenges we wanted to experience and provided us with a genuine adventure. Kate, your hospitality and attention to all the details was the perfect compliment to our time with you…

When I decided to hunt Africa in the early 2000’s, I took advantage of my training and the world’s largest field-sport show to interview 52 different African outfitters. As a trained psychotherapist with 30+ years experience, I felt I could pick the best outfitter based on the interviews. I chose BOSBOK and have never regretted it. I have hunted with Phil and Kate eight times, taken my wife and daughter twice and successfully recommended them to dozens of hunters and their families. My original selection of Phil and Kate was spot-on.


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