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Bosbok Safaris offers a variety of different venues (options?) for some of the most exciting fishing adventures you can hope to experience. Imagine fighting a big Tiger fish from your tender boat while being observed by a herd of elephants on the bank or a pod of hippo frolicking in the water not too far away; all this while an African Fish Eagle gives its beautiful call from a nearby tree. Fly, lure and bait fishing all work well.

These venues have been chosen, not only for the excellent angling on offer but also for the beauty, bird and animal life and overall African Wilderness. This makes it ideal destinations for not only the angler but also for the non-fisherman or women that simply wish to enjoy a true African adventure.

The fishing Safaris that we offer are mainly on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, either on the Zambian, Zimbabwe or Namibian side of the river.

The accommodations are either luxurious chalet’s with all the amenities or for part of your trip in a tented fly camp with bathrooms with running hot and cold water. We make sure your stay will be comfortable.