Our time in the USA

Stuck in Minneapolis!

And below is the day before we left South Africa!

Well, here we are again, doing our usual 5-6 week tour of the trade shows to promote our product, meet up with friends and make brand new ones! Things are going very well and we find ourselves almost full for 2018, and filling up fast for 2019. Many thanks to our past clients for taking another leap of faith and planning to come our way again and a big hearty welcome to those of you who are doing it for the very first time.

The weather in Denver was mild and sunny and the show went well. Thanks must go as always, to Chuck and Deb Place, for storing our booth and helping us to set up and break down. Kent Dorr you were an amazing help all round, and we look forward to next time! Our friends Dwayne Drees and Mark Whitley introduced us to the delightful Dave Guhr, who intends following in his buddie’s footsteps, and coming over to spend time with us in 2019. Thanks Dwayne and Mark! Afterwards we got to spend some fabulous time with Russ and Donna Defusco, in Colorado Springs, a first for us. Russ is a retired Airforce Academy graduate and a very talented ornithologist, and could teach most people a thing or two about birds and other fauna and flora, and we very much enjoyed his and Donna’s stimulating company. Then it was off to Sacramento, where we met some very keen travellers, in particular Dave Moitoza, who is amongst some of our new Sacramento Bosbok family. We look forward to showing Dave and his son our own neck of the woods. Mike Gold, it was good to see you again and to meet your beautiful daughter.

After Sacramento we were making our way to Philly via Minneapolis when we were rudely interrupted by a blizzard and after spending 4 and a half hours in the plane on the runway, we finally disembarked to find a hotel and could fly out next morning. We are now in Sweet Valley PA, close to Wilkes-Barre, with our good friends Dale and Shawna Elston. Dale are Shawna are consummate hosts, and truly good friends to have over here. Dale, Shawna and Terry McHenry, our other good friend in this valley, all helped out at the booth in Bloomsburg, which means the world to us. Jim Yost, Gary Ramus, Vicky Loreman, Sam Haldeman, Greg Lane and Jeff Taylor, Thanks you all for your incredible generosity.

We are now preparing for the big one….the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, now run by the NRA. We look forward to seeing many of you there. I will try to update as soon as we are able. Please feel free to read and comment in the space below, on any or all of the other posts…I need to be sure someone is actually seeing them! We will be at Booth No. 6024 in the Main Hall just off the Maclean Street entrance. Give us a call on 720-207-7838 if you need help finding us😊



Hello to everyone reading this…friends old, new and in the future!

No promises, but I am going to try to keep up a random and occasional blog, giving news during the course of the season and in the off season.

Right now we are experiencing extreme heat and it is pretty dry. But this is the time when we look forward to the return of the migrant birds like the Paradise Flycatcher and Woodland Kingfisher (click on the audio bar above to hear what he sounds like), and the arrival of the impala lambs, wildebeest calves and nyala lambs. I saw the tiniest baby nyala in the garden just yesterday after having observed her expectant mother spending time alone close to the house presumably for safety from predators, for a few days. What a thrill! And to hear the Woodland Kingfishers is always a sign that summer has well and truly arrived.

Phil has been a great help booking our flights and hotels for the USA 2018 marketing trip. He has been spending time in his workshop of late and is very much enjoying working on a few proposed fishing trips to Botswana for next year.

We leave for Denver on the 9th of January and return home on Valentines Day! We’ll keep you posted on our home page regards our exact whereabouts while we’re in the USA, at a later stage. Please drop us a line should you wish to connect while we are over there…we already have quite a few dinner dates and other commitments to look forward to! 

I’m going to sign off now to check whether I actually managed to post this, and will try to add more over the weekend.

Take care and stay warm while we try to stay cool!