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Leopard in the garden

Some of you have been around in camp when we have heard the resident leopard calling. The sound they make is known as sawing, and this is done either to call a mate, or defend their territory. In our case the leopard is usually a male animal. It can be quite unnerving for those who […]

Dung Beetles

The thought of an insect eating any kind of dung, is probably very off-putting to most of you. But the integral part played by dung beetles in the disposal of animal dung, is vital in helping to erradicate transmittable diseases and reducing fly infestation. Dung beetles are seriously cool and interesting creatures! Did you know: […]

Fishing Adventures

For quite some time now, Phil and Kate have been thinking about how they can extend their business and offer more activities for their friends and guest to participate in, on this wonderful continent of ours. Phil’s passion for fishing a recent trip we did to the Okavango Swamps in Botswana, decided them to do […]